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Order single and multipack copies now

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Mindjet MindManager, Mindjet Connect, JCVGantt

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Mindjet MindManager For Charities and Organisations

Mindjet® MindManager® transforms brainstorming ideas, strategic thinking, note taking and business information into blueprints for action, enabling teams and organisations to work faster, smarter, and with greater coordination. It extends core mapping functionality with a host of simple tools - collaboration, distribution, administration - helping organisations to quickly deliver income or profits, save time and improve communications.

Mindjet MindManager For Education

Mindjet® MindManager® helps students, faculty and administrators transform ideas, strategic thinking, and information into plans for action.

Whether you are a professor teaching biochemistry, an administrator planning a large-scale development project, or a student preparing for a final, Mindjet MindManager will help you achieve your goals more easily and in less time.

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Mindjet MindManager For Students

Success in college depends not only on memorising a lot of information, but on developing the ability to apply concepts to life. In other words, it’s about thinking for yourself. Now is the time to build on your natural talents and nurture your ability to think way beyond the box.

Mindjet® MindManager® makes it easy for students to think creatively and develop concepts and ideas. With Mindjet MindManager you can quickly record, fully explore, and logically organise your best thoughts - then pull in external information to complete the picture.

With Mindjet MindManager, you can:

Mindjet MindManager Options and Prices

Options and current pricing as at July 2008

Mindmanage Prices

1. Mindjet MindManager for Charities, Not for Profit, Museums

2. Mindjet MindManager for Primary Education 

3. Mindjet MindManager for Secondary Education 

4. Mindjet MindManager for Colleges 

5. Mindjet MindManager for Universities 

6. Mindjet MindManager for Government 

7. Mindjet MindManager for Commercial Businesses

8. Mindjet Connect

9. JCVGantt for Education and Charities

JCVGantt for Commercial Businesses