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Adobe Education and Charity Programme - Discounted Boxed Product Pricing

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In addition to educational establishments (including staff and students), charitable organisations are eligible to purchase Adobe boxed products (these contain both license and media).

Charitable organisations are now also permitted to buy from the TLP and CLP Licensing Programmes – see our Entec Adobe licensing page.

A charitable organisation is one which operates on a not-for-profit basis and whose aim is:

If you are not sure whether you meet the criteria, please call us at Entec.

*****See Latest information on Adobe software*****

Adobe boxed products for
Education (incl. Staff and Students*),
Charities and Not for Profit Organisations
Price £ (+VAT)
Acrobat 8.0 Pro Mac 135.00
Acrobat 8.0 Pro Win 135.00
Acrobat 8.0 Std Win 79.00
After Effects CS3 Mac 349.00
After Effects CS3 Win 349.00
Audition 3.0 Win 105.00
Authorware 7.0 Win 349.00
Captivate 3.0 Win 109.00
ColdFusion Enterprise 8.0  (2 CPU's)Mac/Win 2,995.00
ColdFusion Standard 8.0  (2 CPU's)Mac/Win 519.00
Contribute CS3 Mac 65.00
Contribute CS3 Win 65.00
Design Premium CS3 Mac 455.00
Design Premium CS3 Win 455.00
Design Standard CS3 Mac 279.00
Design Standard CS3 Win 279.00
Director 10.0 Mac/Win 425.00
Dreamweaver CS3 Mac 139.00
Dreamweaver CS3 Win 139.00
Fireworks CS3 Mac 105.00
Fireworks CS3 Win 105.00
FlashMedia Server 2.0 Mac/Win 2,675.00
Flash Pro CS3 Mac 175.00
Flash Pro CS3 Win 175.00
Flex Builder 2.0  + ChartingMac 56.11
Flex Builder 2.0  + ChartingWin 56.11
FrameMaker 8.0  Unix 435.00
FrameMaker 8.0 Win 265.00
FrameMaker Shared 8.0  Unix 659.00
Freehand 11.0 Mac 89.00
Freehand 11.0 Win 89.00
Illustrator CS3 Mac 139.00
Illustrator CS3 Win 139.00
InDesign CS3 Mac 139.00
InDesign CS3 Win 139.00
JRun Server 4.0 (1-CPU) Mac/Win 499.00
JRun Server 4.0 (2-CPU) Mac/Win 1,015.00
JRun Server 4.0 (4-CPU) Mac/Win 1,999.00
Lightroom 1.0 Mac/Win 69.00
Master Collection CS3 Mac 705.00
Master Collection CS3 Win 705.00
Photoshop Elements 6.0 + Premier Elements 4.0 Win 65.00
Photoshop Elements 6.0 Win 35.00
Photoshop Extended CS3 Mac 175.00
Photoshop Extended CS3 Win 175.00
Premiere Elements 4.0 Win 35.00
Premiere Pro CS3 Mac 279.00
Premiere Pro CS3 Win 279.00
Production Premium CS3 Mac 455.00
Production Premium CS3 Win 455.00
RoboHelp Office 7.0 Win 419.00
RoboHelp Server 7.0 Win 829.00
Soundbooth CS3 Mac 69.00
Soundbooth CS3 Win 69.00
Technical Suite 1.0 Win 419.00
Type Classics for Learning Mac/Win 76.55
Visual Communicator 3.0 Win 119.00
Web Premium CS3 Mac 419.00
Web Premium CS3 Win 419.00
Web Standard CS3 Mac 279.00
Web Standard CS3 Win 279.00

Eligibility and Proof of Status:
Education Institutions:
Offcial Purchase Order

Charities and Not for Profit organisations:
Offcial Purchase Order

Staff and Students:
Please phone or email with School/College/University and payment details

All prices shown exclude VAT.

*The products listed above can be purchased by students who wish to purchase from this full range or who do not wish to register the software. Even greater discounts are available for some products to Students only and these have to be registered to keep them running beyond 30 days. The Student only range can be seen and purchased at our online store.

*****See Latest information on Adobe software*****