"...Thanks to Entec from Habitat for Humanity for the excellent service you provide to us. Special thanks to Alan, Chris, Graham and Eric for their ongoing expertise and friendly support. Please also convey our thanks to all the other staff who indirectly help us do what we do by having reliable systems....."|Ian Hayes, Habitat for Humanity Great Britain

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Entec Novare Maintenance and Administration Support Tickets

New - for all who want IT support and don't have a support agreement for your hardware, systems or particular software – Entec can now help you with Maintenance and Administration Support Tickets.  

These have been created to meet the demand from charities, schools and business who only have occasional IT problems and aren’t able to justify an annual ICT support contract.

What does an MAST provide?

Each MAST gives you 15 minutes of telephone support or remote access to your system. 

Every day the Entec Technical Team provides telephone and remote access support and performs IT administration tasks for customers with ICT Support Agreements.  Through training, knowledge and experience many issues only take ten to fifteen minutes to resolve. 

(If it is best to remotely connect to your system we use the super secure GoToAssist by Citrix).

When might I use a MAST?

Customers have found themselves:

How would I use a MAST?

After calling Entec we will do an initial assessment with you over the phone.

After the initial assessment, and you agreeing for a MAST to be used, your MAST time starts.

If we need to connect to your computer using GoToAssist the 15 minutes of the MAST starts only from when the connection is made - not from when you agreed that a MAST should be used.

How can I refer to a previous call?

When a MAST is raised or used, a call is created in the Entec Support Desk Help System and a “ticket” number is issued so each call can be individually tracked, recalled or viewed later for historical data.

Out of Hours MASTs and when would I use one?

An Out of Hours MAST is for jobs that need to be done out of normal working hours.  This may be because your server needs to be rebooted, mail services need to be stopped or for any reason that would prevent users from working.

You pre-book these with the Technical Team and will receive a confirmation from Entec with the day and time.

One Out of Hours MAST uses up two MASTs.

How do we know how many MASTs we still have and how we’ve used them?

At the end of each month you will receive a MAST Report (or earlier if you’ve used your last MAST before the end of a month) detailing how many MASTs were used, who used them and what they were used for.  An example MAST Report is at the end of this document.

There may be cases where more then one MAST may be needed to resolve an issue.  Where possible you will be told beforehand, otherwise, as soon as we suspect this may happen.

How long do my MASTs last?

Forever.  They will be carried forward from one year to the next.

Should you decide to take out an Entec ICT Support Agreement whilst you have any outstanding MASTs, the value of these will be deducted from the cost.

How to use a MAST?

Phone 01462 499591 or email help@entec.co.uk

MASTs – What is your investment?

A single MAST is £18.75 for 15 minutes of support and they are supplied in a quantity of 4 (£75.00), providing a total of one hour of Maintenance & Administration Support.

For more information and to buy MASTs

Contact help@entec.co.uk or call our MAST Support Team on 01462 499599 and we’ll arrange it all for you.

Your guarantee

Should you decide that the support provided did not provide the answer in a satisfactory manner Entec will refund your investment in MASTs.

Example MAST report:

MAST Report for No Sinking Ships, December 2009.

Hello Patrick

You currently have 2 MASTs remaining.
You used 2 MASTs this month; they were used in the following calls:

Entec Support Ticket #

Date Raised

Date Used

MASTs Used

Details of how MAST was used


07 Dec

07 Dec


Added 4 users to a new global security group (Sailing).  Gave them specific permissions to system resources as requested by Patrick


29 Dec

29 Dec


Created a new exchange mail group (Donations) and gave Send on Behalf permissions to both John & Karen. 

Eduardo, Sonja and Leo given view access as requested by Karen.

If you have any queries on above, please do not hesitate to call Rob or Belinda.

Thank you


*There may be specific applications or requirements where Entec will advise that the use of a MAST would not be appropriate.