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Whether you're looking to purchase a one-off box product or a classroom or site-wide solution, Quark have four different pricing schemes to suit your requirements.

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End User training options:

Quark now provides a number of curriculum ready training solutions and 'certifications' for staff and students to help bring QuarkXPress to the classroom.  For more details, contact Quark directly at: ukeducation@quark.com

Quark have now launched a new online validation box for students, teachers and lecturers.   Once the software is installed, students, teachers or lecturers register your details online to receive an ?unlock key' to enable you to use the software.  As part of the online validation process, Quark require at least one document which proves the customer is a student, teacher or lecturer. Below a list of documents we can accept:



E & OE.  Prices exclude delivery and VAT.


Quark recently conducted market research which highlighted a large proportion of their customers were still using QuarkXPress 4 or above.

There are 10 suggestions to prompt thoughts about upgrading to QuarkXPress 7:

1 Out-design the competition

With the new design tools and image-editing features of QuarkXPress 7, you no longer have to switch back and forth between QuarkXPress and other applications to create great designs.  Opacity control, automatic drop shadows and Alpha channel support are new features that help you do this.

2 Quark Know Your Type

With support for both OpenType and Unicode, QuarkXPress helps you manipulate typography for truly memorable designs.  QuarkXPress typography is portable between platforms, internationally compatible, and a new palette makes working with glyphs much easier.

3 Reduce Palette Clutter

QuarkXPress pioneered the use of palettes for user convenience, and QuarkXPress 7 adds to that tradition by incorporating easier options for accessing tools and palettes.

4 Synchronise Your Content

Easily update content across projects; share pictures and text throughout a project.  Now, along with text and pictures, you can share box attributes and content with broader synchronisation control in QuarkXPress 7.  If you change text, edit images or reshape a text or picture box in one place, the change will be updated everywhere.

5 Come Together. Right Now

The new Composition Zones in QuarkXPress 7 let multiple users collaborate on the same project simultaneously.  A Composition Zones item shows the contents of a layout that exists elsewhere.  You can think of a Composition Zones item as a ?window? through which you can see the contents of a different layout.

6 Show Your True Colours

Print perfect colour every time.  Accurate colour management saves time and money by preventing costly printing mistakes. The better you can judge colours on-screen, the fewer unpleasant surprises you'll have when the job goes to print. You can also preview layouts as they would appear on various output devices and include colour settings in Job Jackets.

7 Achieve Output Perfection

QuarkXPress 7 enables true multi-format publishing by expanding the list of supported output formats to include print, PDF, HTML, XHTML, XSLT, XML and PPML. Quark?s expanding list of standards-based output formats helps ensure that you can publish content in a variety of formats for a variety of channels. For example, you can publish the same document in PDF format for online distribution, PDF/X format for output, HTML for posting on the Web, and XML for repurposing.

8 Open Doors with Open Standards

QuarkXPress continues to support new technologies by incorporating new standards and features guaranteed to produce high-quality, consistent output.  Quark Job Jackets technology uses Job Definition Format (JDF), a standard way to enable prepress, printing and other business software to communicate with each other.  QuarkXPress 7 incorporates JDF in the form of Job Jackets to prevent errors before they happen and to ensure consistent and reliable output.

9 Avoid Workflow Drama

Quark Job Jackets provide quality control for QuarkXPress files by ensuring that print jobs adheres to exact specifications from the beginning of the creative process to output.  Job Jackets file is an XML file containing all of the rules and specifications necessary to describe a QuarkXPress project.  Job Jackets can include specifications for colours, style sheets, trapping, colour management, picture colour space, format, and resolution. It can also include information such as page size, number of pages, and contact information for the people involved with a job.

10 Put Your Ideas in Motion

Create vibrant Flash projects with Quark Interactive Designer for QuarkXPress 7 with features for sound, movies, and animation - using the same powerful tools that make QuarkXPress the world?s premier design and page layout application.  There?s no need to learn a new authoring environment; interactivity and animation flow naturally from your existing QuarkXPress design skills.  And you can use familiar QuarkXPress functionality including transparency, collaboration, and in-the-layout image editing.