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RoboMind for Schools, Colleges and Universities


RoboMindOverview RoboMind Academy trains Computational Thinking - an essential 21st century skill. By programming a virtual robot students are introduced to the basics of automation. The online eLearning environment offers complete courses for children from age 9.

Computational Thinking lays at the heart of modern society and is about learning how think in a structured and logical way. It is a critical part of the computing curriculum.



Students learn text based programming at their own pace in a stimulating environment. Solutions are automatically validated and hints are provided when needed. After completing a series of lessons, the student is awarded a diploma in computational thinking.


Teachers can see students' progress at a glance and access all answers to the challenges. You can run the robots of the students simultaneously on the smart board; a very motivating way to learn from each other!

Secure Hosting

RoboMind is created and hosted in Europe, and has been used successfully by hundreds of thousands of pupils and their teachers around the world for almost 10 years. RoboMind recognizes the importance of providing a secure and e-Safe environment for both teacher and students.

Age range

RoboMind is a first introduction to automation and programming and because many different exercises can be created, the difficulty level can be tailored to the audience. In primary education pupils from 9 years old can get acquainted to writing commands to navigate the robot through its environment, in secondary (high) school more advanced solution strategies are covered and universities can focus on the theoretical aspects of automation theory such as Turing machines.


RoboMind offer three types of Account (License)

  • Student
  • Desktop
  • Teacher

An institution can choose to have Desktop Accounts (one per computer, can be used by multiple students) or Student Accounts (these are individual to a student and can be accessed in school or at home) or both.

Although Teacher Accounts are optional having at least one account is recommended (it can be shared between staff). If you use your own teaching materials with Desktop Accounts a Teacher Account is optional. If you want to use RoboMind teaching materials with Desktop Accounts a Teacher Account is essential and this is the same if staff want to oversee Student Accounts.

A school can chose to just have Student Accounts and Teacher Accounts.

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License Costs

(Costs exclude VAT)

Account Type

Cost per account, per year


£ 4.50, € 5.00, $ 7.00


£ 9.00, € 10.00, $ 14.00


£ 90.00, € 100.00, $ 140.00

Example costs

Example costs to equip a computer room with 30 computers with licenses that can be used by multiple students and utilise teaching materials from RoboMind.

Account Type

Unit cost per account, per year


Total, per year












Grand Total




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